Weddings we do

Weddings We Do

We bring together the weddings industry experts you need to help create your dream wedding with ease! From jewellery to celebrants, wedding stationery, bomboniere and cakes, flowers, styling and furniture, and wedding wellness programmes to photography, hair and make-up stylist plus the all important wedding cars.

Our trusted vendors will ensure your day goes without a hitch. With us you can simply sit back and enjoy your special day, knowing everything is taken care of.

Weddings We Do – Mornington Wedding Expo


Working with notable brands/groups such as Engage Jewellery, PH Celebrants, Wellpower One and more, We can make your special day is done exactly how you envisioned it.


A wedding collective is a group of independent wedding vendors who work together to provide couples with a one-stop-shop for all their wedding needs. These collectives typically include a variety of vendors such as photographers, florists, wedding planners, and more, all working together to create a cohesive and personalized wedding experience for couples.


By working with a wedding collective, couples can save time and money by streamlining the planning process, while also benefiting from the collective expertise and creativity of the vendors involved. Overall, a Melbourne wedding collective can be a fantastic resource for couples looking to simplify their wedding planning and create a beautiful and memorable celebration.


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