South Side Bike Hire

South Side Bike Hire

We specialise in providing the best Harley Davidson wedding experience in the market. We have a huge range of customised Harley’s to suit your needs, make your day the talk of the town! Talk to us to tailor a solution!

South Side Bike Hire – Melbourne Wedding Transport

Wedding bike hire is a unique and eco-friendly transportation option for couples who want to add a fun and personal touch to their wedding day. Bikes can be decorated with flowers or other decorative elements that complement the wedding theme, creating a memorable and Instagram-worthy moment. They are also a practical option for outdoor or remote venues, allowing guests to easily navigate the surrounding area.


Additionally, wedding bike hire is a sustainable choice that aligns with eco-conscious values and reduces the carbon footprint of the wedding. Overall, wedding bike hire is a creative and memorable option that provides both practicality and sustainability for the wedding celebration.


Wedding bike hire is a great way to encourage guests to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Couples can choose from a variety of bike styles, including vintage or modern options, to suit their personal preferences and wedding theme. Bikes can also be incorporated into pre-wedding events, such as engagement photos or bridal showers, providing a cohesive and unique look throughout the wedding experience. Overall, wedding bike hire is a fun, sustainable, and practical choice that adds a personalized touch to any wedding celebration.