Roast N Roll

Roast ‘N Roll Competition

Free slider tastings at the Expo for engaged couples who decided to book our catering services.


R&R Catering Co. is a small family business based on the Mornington Peninsula. 

We offer a personalised service and a decade of experience in food truck catering.

Roast ‘N Roll Competition – Mornington Catering Service

A small family business can be an excellent choice for a wedding because they often provide personalized and attentive service. With a smaller team, they are able to focus on the details and provide a more personalized touch to the wedding planning process.
Additionally, working with a small family business allows for direct communication with the owners and the ability to develop a closer relationship. These businesses often have a passion for what they do and take pride in their work, resulting in high-quality products and services. Choosing a small family business can not only make for a great wedding experience, but also support local entrepreneurs and their families.
Gourmet burgers have become a popular food trend in recent years, but their history dates back to the 1970s when gourmet food began to gain popularity in the United States. In 1984, Daniel Boulud, a renowned French chef, opened a restaurant in New York City that served a $40 AUD burger made with foie gras and truffles, which quickly became famous.
In the early 2000s, gourmet burger chains such as Shake Shack and Five Guys emerged, offering high-quality burgers made with premium ingredients. Today, gourmet burgers have evolved to include a variety of unique and creative toppings, sauces, and buns, and have become a staple in the American culinary landscape.

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