Incredibooth has been operating for five years, offering quality photo booth services for all types of events. We specialize in Weddings and special occasions, and love being able to capture fun moments in time for our clients and their guests.

INCREDIBOOTH – Mornington Wedding Expo


Our booths are high quality and our service is second to none. We are owner operated, and pride ourselves on giving our clients the very best service possible.
We hope you will choose to booth us.


The first photobooth was invented in 1888 by a man named William Pope, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that photobooths became popular in the United States. These early photobooths were large and bulky, and required a technician to operate. In the 1930s, the first fully automated photobooth was created, which allowed users to take their own photos without the need for a technician.


Throughout the 20th century, photobooths remained a popular form of entertainment, with celebrities and ordinary people alike taking advantage of their unique and fun photo-taking capabilities. Today, photobooths continue to be a beloved addition to events and parties, providing guests with a fun and interactive way to capture memories.


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