Commonfolk Cafe

Commonfolk Cafe Competition

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If you’ve got a vibe in mind, we can create it. Want a food truck? We know a guy. Espresso martinis on tap? Heck yes. We know how to throw a great party, if we do say so ourselves.

Commonfolk Cafe Competition – Wedding Venue Mornington


We’re also the perfect rain, hail or shine wedding and events spot — if you’re blessed with a sunny afternoon we can keep things alfresco (and create a festoon-lit experience, post sunset), or if dark and stormy clouds roll in, we’ll pull the roller doors down and bring the party inside like it was all part of the plan.
A wedding venue at a coffee shop offers a unique and intimate setting for couples who are looking for something different. With its cozy ambiance and relaxed atmosphere, a coffee shop can provide a warm and welcoming space for the celebration of love.
It’s perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings where the focus is on the people and the love shared between them. In addition, many coffee shops offer a wide range of food and drink options, from coffee and tea to pastries and light bites, making it easy to create a customized menu that suits the couple’s tastes and preferences. Overall, a wedding venue at a coffee shop offers a charming and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests.

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