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Blue Hummingbird Cakery makes pristine quality cakes. Each one from scratch and each one to your discerning needs. We are offering 10% Discount voucher for everyone that registers at the Expo!

We do everything from biscuits, to slices, to macrons, to cupcakes, to tarts, to simple cakes to complex and decadent special occassion cakes to grand wedding cakes and everything in between.

Blue Humming Bird Competition – Mornington Cakery


We understand that you are special and unique and so are the special celebrations and occassion in your life. Giving you handmade, handcrafted, homemade, freshly baked just like grandma did. The taste to us is just as important as the look. We’ll strive to leave your mouth watering and wanting more. Using only the best and freshest ingridients, We make on demand not days or weeks in advance.
Wedding cakes are an important aspect of any wedding celebration. They serve as a centerpiece for the reception, adding to the overall decor and ambiance of the event. But more than just a decorative element, wedding cakes also symbolize the couple’s union and commitment to each other.
The cutting of the cake is often one of the most anticipated moments of the reception, as it signifies the first shared task as a married couple. Additionally, wedding cakes are a delicious and indulgent treat for guests, and can be customized to reflect the couple’s tastes and personalities. Overall, a wedding cake is an important and meaningful part of the wedding celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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